Bio – A little about me


Welcome to – my first and long overdue venture into the world of blogging.  To get things rolling here's a little bio to introduce myself for those of you that don't know me yet...


My name is Chris Hutchinson, currently edging ever closer to that (terrifying) milestone age of 30.  I live in Manchester but spend the majority of my time across the UK, wherever my role takes me.  I'm employed as a Technical Architect by one of the UK's leading IT Services providers, which sees me engaged in providing design and implementation Professional Services to a range of clients.  I've worked in the IT Industry for approaching 13 years with the last 6 in PS consultancy/architecture, both pre and post sales.


Technology wise my specialism lies with virtualisation and adjacent datacentre technologies.  I have a diverse background, starting earlier in my career with Microsoft Client/Server platforms and complementary third-party products.  This soon evolved, initially exposing me to VMware technologies and SAN in the "good old" ESX and VirtualCenter Server 3.5 days.  There was a little sprinkling of app dev along the way (I wrote a .NET based Project Management web app once...) but more recently have immersed myself in both traditional and software-defined datacentre/cloud spaces.


One of the things that keeps me so energised in my career is the way that IT constantly evolves, seemingly shape shifting along the way.  Whether adding depth to existing skill sets or understanding new/changing technologies there is never a shortage of scope for development.  This is a huge factor for me… if you aren’t moving forward then where are you going?

Why now?

So why the sudden urge to blog?  The main catalyst was my recent preparation for the VMware VCAP6-DCV Design exam, where the content from a number of blogs was invaluable.  I decided that it was about time some of my experiences were put into the public domain, initially focusing on this exam but on much broader topics too.  I'm passionate about helping people and opening these up to a wider audience makes a lot of sense at this stage of my journey.

Not just another IT Blog...

The tagline definitely sums up what I'm aiming for here.  The core focus will be on some of the main aspects of my career - design and implementation of IT Infrastructure/cloud technologies, IT Certifications and Scripting/Automation.  It will also cover other areas of interest and value to me.  I'm a firm believer in developing an optimal mindset and driving development on a personal/human level, as well as professional.  I intend to share what I've learnt in this area so far, and what I continue to learn going forward.  I might even add the odd health and fitness post for good measure too!


That’s definitely more than enough for now, I hope you enjoy the blog and welcome all feedback.  Feel free to connect on LinkedIn , follow me on Twitter (@vhutch_net) or drop me a line via the contact page to get in touch directly.  


Further information on my certifications specifically can be found here.


Ciao for now,