Unleashing Power with Tony Robbins – Part 1


Those of you that read my "What on earth is Human Optimisation" post will know (all of you, of course) that I’ve spent the past four days down in London at the ExCeL with a couple of my closest friends.  I was there to attend the highly acclaimed event Unleash the Power Within (#UPW) by the unbelievable human that is Tony Robbins.  I’ve come away from this with an unimaginable shift in mindset, perspective and a heightened sense of belief – from all angles.  I’m therefore going to consolidate the bits that resonated most with me into a handful of blog posts.  The aim is to provide some insight into the nature of this event and why you really should look to go when the event returns to London in 2018, if you are serious about reaching your true potential.


These posts will be fairly removed from IT, granted.  I will make connections where possible however.  The long and short of it is that the things I’ve taken away from this will be useful in all aspects of my life.  They will certainly ensure the blog lives up to it’s “not just another IT blog…” slogan anyway.

Here’s Tony…

For those of you that don’t know of Tony Robbins (can’t be many nowadays – he features on Netflix after all) for context, I’ll provide a bit of an overview.  Essentially Tony is one of if not the leading self/personal development coaches in the world.  He has helped and ultimately got the best out of the world's greatest individuals.  Not only in the business and entrepreneurial fields but also sports people, celebrities as well as plenty of “ordinary people” along the way.


I knew a little before attending UPW but hadn’t read any of his books nor watched any of his videos.  I made the decision to go in “blind” to get maximum value out of attending the event.  Looking back this was neither positive or negative so if you do consider attending next year don’t be afraid to read or watch beforehand – there is no time like the present.  This holds especially true when it comes to taking action to improve your life and ultimately shape it in line with your desires.


I’m not going to write war and peace on Tony, have a Google.  What I will call out now is that some people are sceptical, others don’t rate him, and there are conflicting views on the web.  All I can provide is my humble opinion, which is that having attended the event I completely value a lot of what he says.  Not everything, but a lot.  I will be reviewing lots of his content on an ongoing basis, primarily via YouTube.  In years to come I will more than likely attend some of the more advanced programmes available that take things further than UPW does…  I think that should put how I feel about UPW into perspective.

What you can expect from UPW

Tony Robbins UPW Crowd Shout

Craziness.  Literally.  When we arrived, it was a bit of an (excuse my french) WTF moment.  Within the first few minutes I’d leapt about, and high-fived/hugged (likeminded) strangers of various nationalities and genders.  This stuff just doesn’t happen!  It is powerful though and to a point kinda restores your faith in humanity.  This year around 10500 people attended with representation from around 67 countries.  Again – it’s very rare you get this sort of experience except for maybe the Olympics.


Tony’s core principle is that of energy.  He teaches that energy is what creates and is, therefore, responsible for everything that is.  I walked in thinking that a lot of the message would be around positive mindset, the law of attraction and some spirituality.  In reality the content traverses many other fields in addition to my preconceptions – psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), physiology to name a few.  The emphasis, however, is on the energy, more accurately achieving high energy peak mental states. 


This is why throughout the weekend you WILL jump around like a crazed lunatic dancing to whatever (often cheesy) song pumps through the speakers.  You will chant the word YES thousands of times with intensity, and you will walk across hot coals at temperatures from 1200-2000F.  You actually don’t HAVE to do the Firewalk but you really should, it’s powerful and not nearly as scary as it may sound.  Especially given you are mentally prepared to approach it at the end of day 1 in an IMMENSE peak state.


At it’s simplest the idea is that in a high energy peak state you can achieve anything, readily absorb information and develop a sense of absolute certainty that you can do and achieve anything you want.  The theme running through the weekend is therefore all about getting into peak state (primarily by dancing, screaming, shouting, having fun) before dealing with a topic, running through exercises, etc.  More hugging and high-fiving often follows, which serves as an incredible tool to create a connection with people you can’t communicate with verbally.  Very cool stuff.

That’s all for now

At this point I think it’s a good idea to conclude this post.  I’ve hopefully provided a little context and peaked the interest of some at least.  I’ll be back with at least four more posts over the next couple of weeks.  Ensure you check back where I’ll delve into detail on key topics that I got maximum value out of and am already implementing in my day to day life.








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