VCAP6-DCV Design Experience – Study Resources (Part 2)

So as promised in part 1 here we have a much more condensed post, to list out the study resources I used in preparing for the VCAP6-DCV Design. If you haven't read that one yet do that first for context as you won't find much of that here.  Go now...!

Blueprint - including the docs referenced in each objective

Do this first, including the reference PDF's.

Online Training Content & Books

Document Reviews

My approach was initially to read with notation in OneNote.  Once I purchased my SurfaceBook (about a fortnight before the test) Drawboard PDF was added to the mix.  More on that in a future post...


I've tried not to re-invent the wheel and bring something different with my posts.  I would therefore strongly recommend you read all of the following blogs.  These were the main ones that helped me along the way and inspired me to start blogging myself.


Happy studying!  Part 3 will deal with some in-exam approach tips to complete the series and will be up on Tuesday.



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